Rest Day Recipes: Quick & Easy Trail Mix

Trail Mix is super easy and high in healthy fats and protein.

How to make Trail Mix:

  1. Go to the section of your grocery store where they have those bins full of treats.
  2. Grab a variety of nuts of your choice
  3. Grab a scoop of M&M's (mine are homemade--they're SLIGHTLY healthier) or sweet treat of your choice (sometimes I get Reese's Pieces or mini homemade peanut butter cups). WARNING: To ensure that you're trail mix is does more good than harm to your body, diet, etc., limit the amount of this item in the overall recipe/mix.
  4. Grab a big ol' scoop of raisins or craisins or whatever dried fruit your heart desires.
  5. Anddd lastly, mix all those ingredients together.

Trail Mix is a great alternative to the granola bar (what the heck sticks those things together anyway?--lots of unneeded sugar). Anyway, Trail Mix is delicious and easy for "on the go" and for pre/post-workouts. Enjoy!