Rest Day Recipe: Orange Thrive Shake

Did you know I used to work at a smoothie shop? Yep, I worked with Carly, the lovely lady that brings you this week's Rest Day Recipe, at good ol' Tropical Smoothie Cafe. A great place filled with great people! Carly and I touched base a few weeks ago to check in and see how life was going and it turns out we have similar goals--to be the happiest and healthiest we can be! Carly couldn't help but continue talking about this awesome shake that she's incorporated into her daily diet as a morning pick-me-up, so I thought heck let's give it a try! What You Will Need:

  • Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Thrive mix (basically a pre-workout for your day :P )
  • Orange juice
  • Ice cubes (just a few)

What to Do:

1. Get your ingredients together.

Photo courtesy of Carly Guzick

Photo courtesy of Carly Guzick

2. Mix 1 cup orange juice, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt & 1 packet of thrive in blender.

3. Add ice and blend for for an additional 30 seconds for a thick and delicious shake! (PS: If you want a thinner consistency just blend it a few seconds longer.)

Photo courtesy of Carly Guzick

4. Enjoy!

You know since I'm so fabulous at making smoothies and what not, maybe sometime in the future I'll share a smoothie recipe too...cause you know I AM the queen of smoothies. :P Ha, keep an eye out ya'll!


This post was sponsored by Thrive. Thrive is an all natural supplement filled with minerals & vitamins. It has been known to diminish aches and pains, decrease bloating and other digestive issues, as well as, increase energy and the ability to focus. 

Thrive has a referral program and promoter packages, so if you're interested contact Carly Guzick at or visit her personal page. Carly has a great personal testimony and will be able to answer any questions you might have.