What Sets You Apart From the Rest? [The Stress-Less Career Show - Episode 7]

Oh my goodness, I am so grateful that we've made it to episode seven of The Stress-Less Career Show! Last week, we had a great conversation with personal stylist, Susan Padron. She gave us phenomenal tips on how to ensure that the way we dress aligns with our personal brand. This week, we're continuing February's theme of personal branding by talking about something you have likely been trying to avoid.

At the end of the day, your personal brand is your reputation. It's what people think of when they think of you. What I really want you to think about this week is how your quirky characteristics and all the stuff that you’ve always considered not so great about yourself are actually a key part of your personal brand.

What do I mean when I say quirky characteristics? Likely, it means the things that you've heard other people use as insults against you. You're too (insert your characteristic here). I've always gotten, “You're too loud,” or “You talk too much,” or “You're weird.” I've gotten them a ton - like a RIDICULOUS amounts of times. What's funny, though, is that the fact that I'm weird and the fact that I'm quirky is actually one of my best assets. It's one of the best parts of my personal brand.

As for all of the people who said I talk too much? Well, I ended up in a career where I spend most of my time talking to incredible people and I created my own talk show! So, it turns out that talking actually one of the best - and most necessary - qualities. It's another part of my personal brand. All of these characteristics actually make up who I am.

I want to challenge you each and every one of you to do this week is to think about your quirks. This month on The Stress-Less Career Show, we went over your core values and how they play into your personal brand, we went over how we can think about us our lives ourselves as a TV show to identify our personal brand, and we got through how style plays into branding yourself. We have built the foundations of what our personal brand is. Now I want you to dig even deeper and think about the things that you've always maybe swept under the rug or wanted to hide. Look at the things that you feel a little ashamed of and let's try to embody those things as part of our personal brand. Quirkiness, funniness, weirdness, loudness - that is a part of us and how dare we be ashamed of who we are.

Let's think about those in a more positive light and think about how we can incorporate those into our personal brand. It's been a phenomenal month focused on developing your personal brand. Next week, we're going to take ourselves even further and talk about our theme for March: marketing yourself. I've got an amazing lineup of guests that I'm gonna be having on the show to discuss how do you get put yourself out there to get and achieve the results that you want. Stay tuned and remember this: You are beautiful, you are so FREAKING smart, and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Are you struggling to see the positives about your quirks? I know it can be hard to ignore all of the negative feelings in your mind when you think about all those characteristics you have been trying to hide. If you need a break from those negative thoughts, I have a free gift just for you! Click here to receive my five minute morning ritual that includes a guided moving meditation that will help you start your day with a clear mind and release your anxieties.