#APOPFNF Profile: Michele Cohen

Sometimes life gives us a major wake-up call that changes everything.

That happened to Michele Cohen in April, 2014. Michele had not been on a scale in years because she was afraid to see the number. She knew she had gained weight, but without seeing the number, it wasn’t “real.” Finally, at a visit to her primary care doctor, she was forced to face the truth. The doctor made her get on the scale after blood tests showed her cholesterol was astronomically high, her blood pressure was through the roof and she was pre-diabetic.

The number: 226 pounds.

FitnessNerdFamilyMemberMicheleLooking in the mirror, Michele knew she had gained a lot of weight. But she didn’t know how much until she saw the number. She was shocked. She had never been over 200 pounds in her 39 years.

The doctor said if she didn’t make changes – big changes – she would probably have a stroke by her 40s. That scared Michele into action. She joined Weight Watchers that weekend.

In a little over a year on the plan, Michele has lost over 65 pounds and discovered a love for outdoor running and “boot camp-style workouts” that push her to the limit. She recently ran her first 5K race. Her labs have returned to normal numbers and she is no longer pre-diabetic. Her doctor is thrilled with her progress and continues to push her to succeed.

Weight Watchers is a commitment, but attending weekly meetings and tracking what she eats has kept Michele motivated. That, and the fact that she is finally back in her “skinny” clothes again. There is no better feeling than being able to wear what you want!

Michele also credits her success to her co-workers, Christy Dishman and Carlee Myers, for exercising with her during lunch breaks and pushing her to stay the course.

Michele has about 25 pounds to go to get to her “goal weight,” and even though the progress has slowed, she is committed to going the distance.

As they like to say in Weight Watchers, it’s not just a “diet,” it’s a “lifestyle change.”

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