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Are You Ready to Get to the Root of Your Stress?



We want to ask you a question: How are you?

Let’s get real, we all have to deal with a LOT of stressors in our lives, but we bet that when we asked you how you were, your first instinct was to say “I’m fine”. This reaction is so ingrained into us that we don’t even stop to think about how we are, but the reality is this: A lot of us are FAR from fine. 

We are snapping at loved ones over and over for no reason, our minds are racing 100 miles an hour, we are freaking out over that one meeting, or we are hitting the snooze button for the hundredth time trying to convince ourselves to just get up already.

If any of this resonates with you, We invite you to apply for a Stress Less Clarity Session with one of our Stress Less Mentors.

In this complimentary session, we will start to discuss what you can do to reduce stress in your life and create a plan for next steps. we will also help you begin to identify where your stress is truly coming from so we can decide if stress management mentorship with one of our mentors is right for you.

Here’s the deal, really addressing your stress and getting to root of what is causing it is HARD. There are no easy fixes. It takes work, time, and serious commitment. 

If you are ready to put in that work, take the following steps to apply for a clarity session:

  1. Fill out the application form below as honestly as you can

  2. Your Stress Less Mentor will review your application personally

  3. If we feel that we should talk further, someone from The Stress Less Co Team with reach out to schedule a time on our calendar

These Clarity session slots fill up very quickly so do not wait to submit your application. If you are tired of letting burnout and overwhelm run your life, apply now. we can’t wait to help you stress less.

The Stress Less Co Team

A Very Important Note: Our clarity sessions and programs are reserved for those who want peace more than anything and have a high level of personal and energetic responsibility. This entire discovery session process is sacred and should be treated as such.



Please complete the application below

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Have you ever taken any workshops, attended retreats, seminar or lectures on spirituality, stress or overall self improvement? *
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The Stress Less Company Coaching programs and offerings are NOT your typical self care programs. It is NOT traditional stress management coaching. And it is not structured like simple life coaching or therapy sessions. These programs are reserved for those who want peace and freedom from their stress, overwhelm and burnout more than anything. These powerful life changing programs are an alternative approach specifically designed to heal your relationships, and provide overall clarity emotionally, mentally and spiritually with real results that last a lifetime. Therefore, the investment of time, energy and resources is significant. Is this in line with the level of support you are ready to receive and investment you are ready to make? *
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Meet Carlee

Carlee Myers, Stress Management Mentor

Carlee Myers is an expert at helping professionals who feel overworked, overwhelmed or on the verge of burnout relieve stress so they can find more joy at work, home and beyond. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, Carlee has helped hundreds of women (and a few brave men) across the country take action to reduce stress through coaching. She believes there is no-one-size-fits-all when it comes stress management. Carlee also recently opened her brand new relaxation space for women, The Stress Less Space, in Philadelphia this past May. Her work has most recently been featured through media outlets such as Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29, philly.com, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Whoolly Magazine.


What is Working With a Stress Less Mentor Like?

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“Through both group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions [with Carlee], I have been able to nurture my creative inspirations and produce significant work while managing a huge, stressful and demanding life transition. Carlee is able to zoom in on areas that can be problematic for me (the obvious but ignored!), suggest helpful, meaningful strategies, and to push me out of my default posture of surrender into a place of action and success. If you want to kick-ass in your professional life, enjoy feeling confident and nurture your creative drive while also strengthening relationships with those you care about, work with Carlee! Results are guaranteed.”


“Imagine going for a great run and breaking your record then hearing your track coach say, "Good job but what do you think you can do better? How can you keep this level up?" That's how it is working with Carlee. She always wants the best and when you reach new heights, she wants you to celebrate. But at the same time, she wants you to continue to push and put your best foot forward in order to build the right habits for a positive lifestyle. So many things have been accomplished while working with Carlee. I've totally leveled up in many aspects of life: socially, professionally, physically, & spiritually. In the time working with Carlee, I've landed a job in my desired field, moved closer to home (southern boy at heart), and become more self-aware than ever. All of this has given me the opportunity to truly build on the things that matter most to me. It's a great place to be in mentally.”