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The Work You Love Mastermind Program

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The Work You Love Mastermind is an online group program designed to help you stay focused on what is most important - figuring out what your life’s purpose is and fulfilling it. 

In this program, you will have the vital support system you need to help you navigate any challenges that come your way and receive valuable advice and coaching as you pursue your dream position or business.


  • We meet twice per month for an hour via Zoom (typically Monday evenings or Saturday mornings).

  • The first 15 minutes of each mastermind includes content taught by one of our career transformation coaches.

    • This content is customized based on the groups needs.

    • Teachings cover topics such as resume writing, time management, planning and more!

  • As a current member, you get access to all previous mastermind recordings and handouts through our online portal.

*Cancel at anytime —hassle free.


Carlee Myers is an expert at helping professionals who feel overworked, overwhelmed or on the verge of burnout relieve stress and build careers that allow them to find the time for what’s most important to them. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts where she studied art making as a meditative practice, a practice she now uses to help her clients reduce stress and overwhelm caused by the many responsibilities the come along with a high-stress job, family and beyond. Carlee’s company, Work You Love, based out of Philadelphia, has helped hundreds of people across the country remedy burnout and build their dream careers using a combination of creative stress reduction and strategic career coaching.

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself and the career that you know you deserve?

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"Imagine going for a great run and breaking your record then hearing your track coach say, "Good job but what do you think you can do better? How can you keep this level up?" That's how it is working with Carlee. She always wants the best and when you reach new heights, she wants you to celebrate. But at the same time, she wants you to continue to push and put your best foot forward in order to build the right habits for a positive lifestyle. So many things have been accomplished while working with Carlee. I've totally leveled up in many aspects of life: socially, professionally, physically, & spiritually. In the time working with Carlee, I've landed a job in my desired field, moved closer to home (southern boy at heart), and become more self-aware than ever. All of this has given me the opportunity to truly build on the things that matter most to me. It's a great place to be in mentally."

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"Carlee Myers is a positive, engaging and "wise beyond her years" persona whose goal is to help people get out of their own way, be their authentic selves and change the direction of their lives. Whether it's through her stimulating workshops or her one-on-one coaching, Carlee is there for her clients, asking all of the (sometimes tough) questions and challenging them to find the answers deep inside. Often times, she helps you see that the answer was right in front of you all the time -- you just didn't see it or chose to ignore it. I highly recommend Carlee as a coach for someone who is looking for change, both personally or professionally. She'll help you find your way." 

Michelle Cohen

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"Through both group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions [with Carlee], I have been able to nurture my creative inspirations and produce significant work while managing a huge, stressful and demanding life transition. Carlee is able to zoom in on areas that can be problematic for me (the obvious but ignored!), suggest helpful, meaningful strategies, and to push me out of my default posture of surrender into a place of action and success.  If you want to kick-ass in your professional life, enjoy feeling confident and nurture your creative drive while also strengthening relationships with those you care about, work with Carlee! Results are guaranteed." 

Kathy Shaver