We have a question to ask: How are you?

Let’s get real, we all have to deal with a LOT of stressors in our lives, but I bet that when I asked you how you were, your first instinct was to say “I’m fine”. This reaction is so ingrained into us that we don’t even stop to think about how we are, but the reality is this: A lot of us are FAR from fine. 

We are snapping at loved ones over and over for no reason, our minds are racing 100 miles an hour, we are freaking out over that one meeting, or we are hitting the snooze button for the hundredth time trying to convince ourselves to just get up already.

That is why we are so glad that you are interested in experiencing The Stress Less Space.

In this free 50-minute session, you will have the opportunity to truly relax away from all of the stressors in your everyday life. Our onsite stress management mentor will also be available to help you start to create a plan for addressing your stress, what you can do next, and see if membership to The Stress Less Space is right for you.

Before you come in for your session, please make sure you have taken the following steps:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire form below as honestly as you can if you haven’t answered these questions already.

  2. Your stress management mentor will review your answers personally

  3. Make sure you put the time of your session on your calendar and prepare yourself for a session devoted to your relaxation and well being.

This questionnaire is key to ensuring that our stress management mentors can support you during your free session so please make sure to submit your questionnaire before your session. We can’t wait to help you stress less.

The Stress Less Company Team

A Very Important Note: Free sessions in The Stress Less Space are reserved for those who want peace more than anything and have a high level of personal and energetic responsibility. This entire session process is sacred and should be treated as such.



Please complete the questionnaire below

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When it comes to FULLY committing to your desire to heal your stress and overwhelm, what's getting in your way? (please select all that apply)
The Stress Less Space is NOT your typical self care program. It is NOT traditional stress management coaching. And it is not structured like simple life coaching or therapy sessions. Membership to The Stress Less Space is reserved for those who want peace and freedom from their stress, overwhelm and burnout more than anything. This powerful life changing community is an alternative approach specifically designed to heal your relationships, and provide overall clarity emotionally, mentally and spiritually with real results that last a lifetime. Therefore, the investment of time, energy and resources is significant. Is this in line with the level of support you are ready to receive and investment you are ready to make?
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