To the person who is downright exhausted,


At last, a way to remedy career burnout and figure out what you want from your career

(and, heck, even life).


  • Are you tired of feeling energetically drained?

  • Do you find yourself dreaming about a job that has more heart and challenges you in all the right ways?

  • Are you tired of busting your butt doing work that’s not quite right for you? 

Everyday your alarm buzzes and your first thought is ‘I’m so tired’ or ‘I didn’t get enough sleep.’ After hitting the snooze button one too many times, you jump out of bed and rush off to work. And just like that you are off to the races…go-go-go. ‘I need this report or that document.’ You find yourself rushing from task to task and putting out fire after fire. You get home only to find yourself completely and utterly mentally exhausted with a defeated sigh you grab some grub, eat and settle in for the night...never once doing something to truly take care of yourself or your own dreams and aspirations. The only energy you have left is spent on the screen--retail therapy, Netflix bingeing or Facebook. What’s worse, now you even get to add the guilt of personal unproductivity to your laundry list of reasons you’re not worthy of your dream career and life to begin with. I get it. I’ve been there. It thoroughly pisses you off..hey, it pisses me off too. You want to build your ideal life, but you wonder if it’s even possible to get out of this vicious cycle…Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why. I have a workshop that will help you break the cycle, take care of yourself and welcome a positive, kick-ass life.


The kind of kiss-ass life that makes you dance in front of random dessert bars (yes, that's me and, yes, those are my friends laughing at how goofy I am...).

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Hi, I’m Carlee Myers and I’m an expert at helping professionals who are unhappy at work find their joy. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art where I studied and wrote my thesis on art making as a meditative practice, a practice I now use to help my clients reduce stress and overwhelm in their careers. As the founder of Work You Love, I have helped hundreds people across the country remedy burnout and strategically build their dream career using creative stress reduction and coaching. 


Here’s what you’ll discover:

What is really holding you back from putting a stop to that vicious cycle


How to let go of all the exhaustion and resentment


What EXACTLY it is you want for yourself to begin with


How to take the first step to build a kick-ass life




Feeling Salty

Feeling Salty is a 2-hour creative workshop that helps you remedy burnout, figure out what you want in your career and have fun doing it. During the workshop, we’ll be doing stream of consciousness writing, group discussion and a moving meditation in salt (yes, I said salt) that’s never been taught anywhere else.

"I have attended most of the [Feeling Salty] workshops and other workshops hosted by Carlee Myers. Carlee asked such apt questions that helped me to introspect and dig deeper into myself.. which I was afraid to do. Carlee has this amazing and positive energy that allows and creates space for the participants to take that inward journey to identify their strengths and challenges... I have been able to identify my core being, learn concrete ways to optimize my productivity, self-care, and relationships. These workshops and personal conversations helped me to bring clarity to my thought process regarding my approach to relationships, work load, and ways to achieve goals... It helped me to peel of all those onion skin and recognize my core being and above to be kind to myself."

Priti Haria

I know, I know, but you’re tired and you already don’t have enough time as it is…

My response to that is simple... 

If you want different results, you have to be willing to do something a little bit different.


I’ve got your back...I promise.

Wouldn't you say it's time to be your best self?




Positively yours,


PS: Want to bring Feeling Salty to your organization? Shoot me an email at and let's get the conversation started.