How to Get Ahead in Your Career As An Introvert

How to Get Ahead in Your Career As An Introvert

Often, it seems as if we live in an extroverted world, especially when it comes to our jobs. When we think about CEOs, managers and business leaders, we think of charismatic and energetic individuals who can strike up a conversation with everyone they meet. So when it comes to getting ahead in our careers, it can often feel like an uphill battle if we are not extroverted. That’s why I am so glad that founder of Boldly Quiet Consulting, Lorraine McCamley, came on this week’s episode of The Stress Less Show to help all of the introverts out there get ahead in their professional lives…

How to Increase Your Productivity and Success at Work

How to Increase Your Productivity and Success at Work

Success and stress often feel like they have to come hand in hand. We want to be more productive and excel in our careers so we work harder and harder until we feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed. With job security being one of the top stressors for women especially, I know that a lot of us are probably feeling stuck in that cycle of overwork which is why I brought business and leadership coach, Emily Cassel, on to The Stress Less Show this week to share her insights on how to be successful without so much of the stress…

How to Thrive While Starting Your Own Business

How to Thrive While Starting Your Own Business

Today’s episode of The Stress Less Show is dedicated to all my fellow entrepreneurs out there. Let’s get real, launching a business is stressful! We have developed this great business idea that we are passionate about and it’s exciting, but building a business from the ground up is an emotional rollercoaster and if we are talking worry about job security, working for ourselves is filled with uncertainty, self-doubt, you name it! Fortunately, I brought investor, serial entrepreneur and coach, Emi Kirschner, on this week’s episode to help us stay focused on our entrepreneurial journeys…

How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship With Your Salary

How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship With Your Salary

September is finally here, fall is coming, and that means that we have a new theme on The Stress Less Show! This month, we are focusing on one of the top stressors in the US for women - and it’s a big one! We are talking all about job security. Feeling secure in our jobs is a major concern for both men and us women and a lot of that has to do with everyone’s favorite thing to talk about - money and salary.

Getting paid what we are worth and having enough money to provide for ourselves and our families can be an overwhelming challenge at times, leading us to work ourselves way past our breaking point. We have that fear in the back of our minds reminding us of all of our student loans, credit card debt, car payments, the list goes on. The cycle of earning money and spending it all never seems to end.

That is why I brought on Executive Coach, Erin Owen, to discuss our mindset around the money and salary we make, and the opportunities we have in our careers…

How To Stop Working Long Hours

How To Stop Working Long Hours

Hello May! It is mental health awareness month and on the Stress Less Show this month, we are talking about one of the top stressors for people in the United States. I'm willing to bet that this stressor has probably impacted your mental health at some point in your own life - I know it has for me. Yes, this month we are talking about job pressure! To start off this month’s topic this week, I decided to bring on the show, Sue Allen Clayton, the founder of the Serene Solopreneur to discuss how working long hours contributes to the pressure we feel about our jobs, careers and businesses…

Let's Talk About The Proposed Overtime Rule

I need to tell you about something I learned recently that completely shocked me and affects every single one of us. I went to an event last week called “A Guide to Pennsylvania's Proposed Overtime Rule” to learn about new laws surrounding worker overtime pay that are being introduced in the state of Pennsylvania and I quickly discovered that the laws designed to protect employees’ salaries which should be common knowledge are unknown to most of us. If you live in a state other than Pennsylvania, I encourage you to look into the laws surrounding overtime pay because the rules may surprise you.

In Pennsylvania, the current laws on overtime pay have not been updated since the 1970s. These current overtime laws state that if you work in Pennsylvania and make just $250 a week or $13,000 annually, your employer does not have to pay you overtime. I don’t know about you, but I could not believe what I heard when the event speakers said this. In 1970s, a minimum annual salary of $13,000 may have been enough to live off of, but it is 2018. Fifty years have gone by, the cost of living has continued to rise but the minimum salary has not and employees are suffering.

In response, Governor Tom Wolf proposed a new law this June to update these overtime rules to raise the minimum salary requirement. Beginning in 2019, Wolf is proposing to change the minimum requirements to $610 a week or approximately $31,000 annually. So, if you make more than $31,000 a year your employer can ask you to work as much as they want without paying overtime and if you make less than $31,000 you’ll have to track your hours and employers will need to pay you overtime if you work more than you were hired to work. The proposed law would continue to increase the minimum salary requirement over a few more years. In 2020, the minimum would increase to $39,000 per year and then to $47,000 annually in 2021.

An increase in the minimum salary sounds like a great thing to me and employees everywhere, but there’s a reason why it hasn’t happened yet. It turns out that the Federal Government recently tried to raise the minimum salary requirement. However, a lawsuit was filed against this change and the government lost. Companies were able to continue working their employees to death and all they have to pay them is $13,000 a year. That is absolutely crazy to me.

What was really shocking to me about all of this, however, was the reaction I saw in the event venue. While I was excited to learn that there was a new law designed to raise the minimum salary for workers, I was the outlier in the room. A majority of the people in the room were completely outraged and disgusted by it. Most of the attendees were employers with bigger companies. For employers with a lot of employees, paying for overtime for each employee is expensive. These employers don't want to have to worry about paying for overtime because it's a large cost to their business. In all of their outrage, I was surprised that it seemed like not many of the people in the room were thinking about what living off of $13,000 a year really feels like today. You cannot survive off of $13,000 a year in today’s world, plain and simple.

An increase in the minimum salary requirement does come with side effects. Some people at this event did point out that this change may make some employees feel like they are being demoted because their employers might need them to start tracking their hours to ensure they are not working too much. You might also be an employee that likes to go the extra mile for your company by working extra hours and this law may prompt your employer to prevent you from doing that. I understand these concerns, yet I think this may be a blessing in disguise. A lot of us are at home checking work emails at all hours of the day and getting underpaid for that extra work. Teachers especially are working on lesson plans and grading papers 24/7 with no law guaranteeing them overtime pay. This law could really help work-life balance by making employers think twice about overworking their employees and help employees feel empowered to make smarter choices about how much they want to work. However, the one side effect that concerns me is that employers may choose to lay off lower level employees in order to avoid overtime pay.

Even with potential side effects, the fact is that you deserve to get paid better for putting in extra work. If you live in Pennsylvania and feel strongly about this law, the good news is that you can still provide your feedback to the state government before this law is finalized. Whether you are in support of the proposed plan or have other input to give, I encourage you to get involved in this issue because it is so important to so many people. For those that live in other states, I also encourage you to look into what laws are affecting your pay as there might be something you can do to change them. I personally am excited that Pennsylvania is moving forward in the right direction towards more fair pay. Day in and day out, I meet incredibly talented people that are overworked and underpaid. They deserve to work for a salary that reflects their value.

If you feel like you are overworking yourself at a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and empty, grab a ticket to attend my talk on “How to Find Work That Fills Your Wallet AND Your Soul” this Friday at 12PM. The tools I share on Friday will bring you one step closer to leaving a job that doesn’t speak to your true value and to finding the work you love!

Stop Searching For Your One True Calling

I often see people put an overwhelming amount of pressure on themselves, struggling to answer one question: What is my one true calling? All the time, I talk with people who feel so lost in the confusion around finding that one perfect job or business idea that is going to finally make them happy and excited each day. We all have had that internal conversation with ourselves growing up about whether we should be an accountant or a fireman or any other job you can think of. Yet, as I was talking to my partner about a client, we got on the subject of soulmates and that’s when it hit me. So many of us have got this “finding your calling” thing all wrong. Finding your one true calling, just like finding your one true soulmate, is not how real life works.

As a society, we seem to have these beliefs that, written in our souls or our DNA, there’s this one true position or job out there for us to find in order to feel satisfied and there’s one true person for us to fall in love with. We all have that urge inside of us to seek out the fairytale ending - in love and in a career - where you find “the one” and the story ends happily ever after. However, I am a firm believer that we don’t just have one soulmate forever or one perfect job forever. I believe that you will find that you have a different soulmate or soul-career for different parts of your life.

In the span of your love life, you may have had your high school sweetheart, your whirlwind college romance, and so on. In your professional life, you might have had your high school babysitting job, followed by your first college internship and the entry-level position you landed right after graduating. All of the different jobs you have had intertwined in your history in order to help you learn more about yourself and why you are here on this planet, the same way you learn from all of your past relationships. I am not a relationship expert, so I won’t give out any advice on your love life. However, when it comes to your professional life, your task is not to find your one true calling for your life. Your only task is to find your calling for who you are at this moment. To do that, look for your purpose.

Your purpose and your calling often get used interchangeably, but I believe there is an important distinction. A calling is a job, a purpose is the reason you are on this earth. Your calling will change because it is a specific position, but your purpose is vague and will likely remain the same. For instance, my purpose is helping others and it led me to my current calling, starting Work You Love and helping hundreds of people find work that makes them happy. Your purpose may be using math to solve the world’s problems which could lead to a calling of being a NASA scientist or a financial analyst. The possibilities that exist within your purpose are endless.

So I challenge you to take the pressure of finding one true calling off of your shoulders and instead, think about your purpose. Think about what traits and skills you uniquely have that can contribute something to the world. Think about why you are on this earth. As you approach your career with your purpose in mind, all of the opportunities you have will lay themselves out in front of you for you to choose. Your choice is not predestined for you. You have free will to choose one calling today and another calling two years from now. We each have a path ahead of us that is made up of different callings and that is okay. It is okay if we shift to calling after calling, it’s okay if we stay in one calling for years. What isn’t okay is settling for a calling that goes against your purpose. That’s why you’re here on this earth, after all.

If you are having trouble figuring out your purpose or what career path is calling you right now, I will be giving a talk on “How to Find Work that Fills Your Wallet And Your Soul” next Thursday October 26th at 12 PM. Click here to sign up to attend.

You can also sign up for a complimentary clarity session with me here. Together, we will discuss where you’re at, where you’re going, what’s getting in the way and create a clear plan for you to find the work you love!

The Importance of Planning in Business

September has finally ended and if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the end of September means more than just the beginning of Halloween season. Now that it is October 1st, it is the perfect time to make sure that we have our fourth quarter planning done. Planning is extremely important in business. Ask any business owner and they will tell you that the quote, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” is absolutely tried and true.

When I first started my business, I did not have a plan for anything. I would come home from a long day at my previous job and I would sit in front of my computer to write a blog post or send out an email or call someone. I would do whatever I could for my business, but there was no structure. Without a plan, I was constantly overwhelmed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I learned an incredibly necessary lesson in those days: you have to have a plan if you want your business to grow.

As an entrepreneur, you need to have that forward thought so that you can bring in the revenue, clients, and the excitement you want for your business. Creating an annual and a quarterly 3-month plan will help you clearly define what your big picture goal is for your business, what your business offers and what your personal and professional mission statement will communicate to potential clients and partners. This plan will allow you to truly start building your business so you don’t have to stay stuck in the “pre-revenue” stage, struggling to find clients. As soon as I created my annual plan and my quarterly plan, I was able to see that I had been trying to jump from shiny new project to shiny new project. It was impossible for me to keep trying to work on the 20 different projects I had started. Developing my plan allowed me to focus in on the 2 to 3 projects that were most important in growing my business.

The whole point of planning is to enable the growth of your business. Once you create your plan for October through December, you will be able to stay focused on the work that is going to help you get to a place where you will be able to go into your next networking event or meeting and confidently talk about your handful of clients and your growing business that lets you do whatever you want to do.

I recently did a workshop on developing a clear 90 day plan for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you missed the workshop I did on creating a plan for your business and are having trouble figuring out what you need to do to get your business to the next level, sign up for a complimentary clarity session with me HERE. Together, we will discuss where you’re at, where you’re going and what’s getting in the way so that you can find the work you love!